Reservations: You must reserve a spot in a class that you would like to attend. You can do so yourself online up to 24 hours in advanceIf you would like to reserve a spot within 24 hours of the class, send us an email at classes@theatrearcturus.ca and we can add it in manually. This option is at the instructor’s discretion and we will let you know if we are able to add your reservation on the day.

Cancellations & Missed Classes: In the event that a class is cancelled (due to inclement weather, illness, or other circumstances), students and parents will be notified by email and the class credit will be refunded to your account for future use.

To cancel out of a class without losing your credit you must login to your account and cancel (or send us an email at classes@theatrearcturus.ca) no later than 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, you will forfeit the credit.

Conduct: We are committed to providing a positive, safe, inclusive environment. We welcome students of all levels of ability, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity. Disruptive, disrespectful, hateful or unsafe behaviour will not be tolerated, and anyone engaging in this behaviour will be asked to sit out or leave without a refund.

General Rules:

  • Please encourage your fellow students, but do not teach or spot them unless specifically asked to by an Instructor.
  • Work within your level of knowledge and physical ability, as set out by your Instructor. Do not attempt new moves learned from Instagram or YouTube.
  • Students under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to participate.
  • Students are encouraged to take notes in class to better remember skills and moves.
  • Respect the equipment and use it for its intended use only.

Attire: Please wear form fitting clothing that covers the backs of the knees and upper arms, and that will not ride up when upside down. Students are encouraged to wear layers for warming up, and will be asked to remove all jewelry and any clothing with zippers or other components that could get caught on equipment. Instructors reserve the right to ask a student to sit out if their clothing could cause injury to themselves, the Instructor, or the equipment.
Arcturus is not responsible for lost or stolen valuables that are brought to class. All belongings can be placed beside the training floor.

Lateness: It happens! However, it is dangerous to participate in aerial activities without being properly warmed up, and without proper instruction. Students are expected to arrive to class on time, ready to participate in the warm up. If you are late, you will be asked to warm yourself up before joining the class. If you arrive while a new skill is being taught, you may need to sit out for that skill or, if you are more than 15 minutes late, you may be asked to observe the rest of the class.

Photos, Video and Mobile Devices: Please place your phone on silent mode and leave it in your bag. Mobile devices are not permitted on the training floor.

Photos and video may be permitted from time to time at the Instructor’s discretion. Please ask the Instructor before taking pictures or video, and avoid capturing anyone else in the shot. Video of Instructors teaching is never permitted.

Equipment: Equipment may be used during class time and Open Gym only. Instructors are not able to guarantee proper supervision outside of these times. Please respect the Instructor’s time and stay off the equipment between classes.
We believe in educating students about the equipment they are using in class. The more educated we all are, the safer we are as a community. Students may be asked to help set up or strike equipment before or after class, and will be guided through the proper handling and use of it.

Viewing: There is a viewing area off to the side of the training floor for parents. WIFI internet is available. For the comfort of our students and for safety reasons, parents are asked not to engage with the students/instructors while class is in session as students learn better in a more focused environment. Only students are permitted on the training floor.

Shared Space: Lot42 is a shared flex space and other programming may be happening in other areas during class. Students are only permitted to use equipment specified for aerial classes and are asked to respect property belonging to other businesses.

Spotting/Physical Contact: Due to the risk involved with these physical activities, spotting techniques are used to decrease the risk and assist students through the movements. If you are uncomfortable with being touched, simply let your Instructor know and they will respect that, except in an emergency when physical contact would prevent injury.

Progression: Aerial Arts are challenging. Our curriculum is progressive, and it is normal for students to stay in the same level for two or three sessions before moving on. Please try to have patience with the learning process; Instructors will move students through the levels at a rate that is right for each individual.

Bumps and Bruises: Due to the nature of aerial arts, bumps, bruises, small scrapes and friction burns, and sore muscles can and will happen from time to time. Slight discomfort, especially at the beginning of training and when learning new moves, is normal. If there is pain beyond normal discomfort, notify your Instructor immediately.

Your health is very important to us. Please notify your Instructor of any injuries or physical limitations before class and they will do their best to modify the movements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in aerial classes?
Anyone with a desire to learn. We offer classes for all levels of ability from age 8 to adults. Many people that begin training with us are complete beginners. We tailor classes to suit your individual goals, and we’ll build from wherever you’re at.

What are the benefits of aerial training?
Read about them HERE!

How hard is it?
Aerial arts offer a unique way to challenge yourself both mentally and physically. Think of it as a hobby that takes work, focus, and a bit of dedication to progress in. Like anything, the more time you spend on it and the harder you work, the faster you will improve. It’s an ongoing process of learning and gaining strength, and you will face moments of frustration.

If you have never participated in an activity like this before, expect to struggle with the basics for the first few weeks, and to earn a few bumps, bruises and sore spots along the way. But a little persistence will pay off.

If this sounds enticing to you, then you probably belong here!

Is it safe?
With any physical activity, there is some risk. Aerial arts are thrilling partially because of the perceived risk of performing tricks at heights. However, our Instructors are trained professionals whose number one job is keeping students safe. All skills are learned on the ground to begin, and height is only gained as strength and knowledge improve. Students are highly supervised and are never permitted to work beyond their limits. Instructors make use of additional safety measures such as hands-on spotting techniques and thick crash mats. Students learn in a way that fosters a deep understanding of wraps and moves, and are taught how to take responsibility for their own safety.

What should I wear to class?
Tight fitting clothing that will not ride up when you are upside down. Leggings that cover the backs of your knees and a form-fitting t-shirt or long sleeve shirt are ideal as they will protect your skin from pinching and friction burns. Make sure that clothing is free of buttons and zippers and be sure to remove all jewelry, as they could cause injury or damage the equipment. You will also be asked to remove your socks during training (climbing silks with socks is bananas!).

How do I prepare for class?
Please arrive 10 minutes early, take shoes off at the edge of the training space, place all personal items along the side, and use the area around the perimeter of the class to warm up.
Please bring a notebook to take notes of skills and progress during class, and a water bottle to stay hydrated. There are washrooms on site for changing, but there is no water fountain so come prepared!

Can I show up to any class that I want?
Most people start with beginner classes. Even if you are strong, there are basic skills and techniques that you need to learn before you move on to higher levels. If you have previous aerial experience, get in touch with us to help determine which class you should sign up for. If you’re new to aerial, join a beginner class!

Drop-ins are welcome, especially if you are looking to try a class before committing. However, we recommend that you purchase a pass and attend class consistently in order to progress and get the most out of your training.

Are there competitions for this?
We strive to foster creativity in a non-competitive environment where collaboration and artistry are just as important as strength and technique. Local competitions in circus arts are rare, and our studio does not actively seek them out, but we will help you work towards your goals if you happen to find one that you would like to participate in. We offer choreography, act development, and performance coaching options outside of our regular classes.

Will I get to perform?
We will invite families and friends into the studio on occasion for an open showing of the student’s work. This is a great opportunity for photos and video, and for students to show off what they’ve learned. As we grow, we hope to expand this informal showing to a full student show.

Any other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone (classes@theatrearcturus.ca or 416-999-8124).