The Power of Community

2017 has been anything but easy. And it has been nothing short of amazing.

It seems that I have been kicked down several times, only to discover doors that I hadn’t realized were there before. Extreme lows have been met with extreme highs. Just when I felt things ripping apart, things that I had worked hard for and felt entitled to, I was handed more than what I’d had in the first place.

This year I have been faced with obstacles that have challenged me to open my mind, find flexibility, and to give during times when I was most afraid for myself. I have been evicted from my home, completely relocated, lived with family, and joined several new communities. I was rejected for apartments, festivals, showcases and grants. My car has broken down and been broken into. Relationship tensions have flared and calmed and flared again. And dammit, I got a bad review!

After all of this, I believe I have made the most important discovery of my life thus far: the power of community. Continue reading The Power of Community

The Theatre of Business

What’s the connection between art and business? Do they have anything in common, or are they simply different schools of thought at opposite ends of the spectrum?

This was the topic of a conversation that we led today at The Hub, a shared working space that Theatre Arcturus is a member of. Every Friday, they have what are called “Hub Talks” – a discussion led by a Hub member in something that they learned through their practice. We were up this week, so we shared some thoughts on how our training in acting, theatre, and aerial arts has helped us in business and everyday life. In a nutshell, here is what came out of the conversation. Continue reading The Theatre of Business

Aerial Meets Technology

Last week, we were honoured to be the subjects of a demo of SIM Digital’s state-of-the-art equipment and technology at the SIM Tech Show in Toronto.

We performed in front of a wall of cameras, each worth more than I will ever pay for a house. The audience had the option of watching the live performance, or viewing it through the monitor (as you can see).

We had the pleasure of working with Emily Hughes (on silks) one last time before she takes off to Continue reading Aerial Meets Technology

Our Kind of Aerial Theatre

What exactly is it that we do?

Throughout the process of writing this I took some time to define words that I find myself using often as I attempt to describe what we do. I think the words need some clarification, as some of them have been layered with personal associations even within my own mind. This is my attempt to find my way back to our story, why Arcturus exists. It’s going to be a wild year and knowing who we are is, as our next show’s director might say, “pertinent.”

We are actors and writers. Our entire job is to tell stories in the clearest way possible with truth and authenticity. Yet the ways in which we choose to tell our stories are as variable Continue reading Our Kind of Aerial Theatre

2017: A Year of Creation


With a new year comes the excitement of new possibilities, so we are declaring 2017 a YEAR OF CREATION!

Each week we will release a short video of something we are working on. Nothing fancy, just some raw footage of us in the studio. Inspiration can be contagious, and we hope that by inviting you into our creative journey you too will be inspired to make something happen this year.

Some of what we post may be complete crap, but that’s the nature of creation: Continue reading 2017: A Year of Creation

One Thing

one-thing“Do one thing really, really well” – that’s Steamwhistle Brewery’s model. They have one type of beer (and one particular version of their pilsner) that they build their company around. Makes sense: the more time you can spend working on and refining your specific craft, then the farther ahead you will get in that particular area; the general rule of thumb that I have heard is that it takes 10,000 hours of working on one thing to become a master at it.

And yet, despite hearing that, I’ve also heard – especially in the arts – that I can’t just Continue reading One Thing

One Year in Muskoka

back-yardToday we are celebrating the end of our first year of operating and living in Muskoka, and the beginning of our second.

On September 15th, 2015 we packed our bags and took a terrifying leap into the abyss. Could a circus theatre company from Toronto survive in this small town world 2 hours north of the city? Would we be accepted? Would we find our place?

The answer was something so pleasantly unexpected that I have found myself falling deeper in love with this place every day.

I think we’ve found the perfect balance here. Small enough for Continue reading One Year in Muskoka


14064192_1811166502454536_5691732602207733075_nI remember an interesting point that David Suzuki made: he said that, with our modern ability to travel so efficiently to anywhere on the planet and with our continuous movement from place to place as a society, we have, in a way, lost not only some of our connection to the land in general, but also to the land as home. The argument was that because it was easier for us to relocate, we now had the choice to and as such it is easier for us now to lose a deep connection to one place that we call home — specifically the piece of land that we live on.

George Carlin said that he didn’t like it when people Continue reading Home

Work Smarter, Not Harder

13501910_884464825014462_5843658421462767370_nOver the past few weeks I have been away from my computer, away from training, and from the company in general more than at any point since we started Theatre Arcturus. Two reasons: we got married and we took a week-long vacation directly after. Despite a stilt-walking booking two weeks ago, I haven’t done much work at all.

And yet I have.

Somehow, by taking sporadic little bursts of time at work, I have managed to accomplish Continue reading Work Smarter, Not Harder

Courage: Their Word

The-Tragically-Hip-Final-ConcertAs I write this a rainstorm is approaching, I am mildly inebriated, and The Tragically Hip just finished their final concert. I can’t remember the last time I cried this much in one evening.

I felt while I was watching the concert on CBC that I had to write something upon finishing – partly in honour of this incredibly band that have given 30+ years of their lives to music (and influenced over 10 years of my life to say the least), but also for something that this experience has taught me, watching them give themselves to the world on this final night. Continue reading Courage: Their Word